Why Linux is far better than Windows?

If you aren’t a power user, then it may appear that”Windows” OS is a much better (or easier) option compared to Linux. In any situation, if you aren’t enjoying with a Linux distro then Windows are your obvious option.


Nonetheless, in fact, we have a tendency to encounter something different, which lets us leap into the conclusion at which Linux gets the advantage on Windows OS.



  1. Open Source Nature


What’s it like when you purchase a vehicle, but you can’t see what is under the hood?


Nonetheless, by comparison, Linux is an open source project.


  1. Safe


Let us face itWindows OS is exposed to several kinds of strikes (or hacks). But, Linux isn’t quite as vulnerable as Windows. It sure is not invulnerable, but it’s much more secure.


It’s merely the way Linux works making it a protected operating system. All in all, the practice of package management, the idea of repositories, and also a few more attributes makes it possible for Linux to become more stable than Windows.


When you’ve got Windows installed, then you will need to download/purchase an Antivirus application to keep your computer protected from malware and hackers. However, Linux doesn’t need the usage of these Anti-Virus programs. Obviously, a few applications tools still exist to assist you maintain your system free of dangers, but it’s often unnecessary once you’ve got a Linux platform.


Becoming protected by character would make matters simpler for you and help you save money as well since you won’t need to find a superior Antivirus software!


  1. Can reestablish older computers


As an example, if you buy a genuine copy of Windows 10, then you’ll need to satisfy the minimum hardware requirements to operate it and you cannot run it on nearly any non invasive system.


But with Linux, you might even use one of your earliest computer systems to accomplish a job. But, that doesn’t imply that each Linux distribution would operate with 256 MB of RAM combined using an obsolete processor. But, there are choices that you may put in on these non invasive systems too (like Puppy Linux).


So, having an efficient OS, Linux distributions can be fitted to a range of systems (non or luxury ). By comparison, Windows operating system includes a greater hardware requirement.


  1. Fantastic For Programmers


What’s more, it supplies a huge array of programs useful for programming functions.


You’d discover lots of libraries created natively for Linux.


Interestingly, the capability of bash scripting can also be among the most persuasive reasons why developers prefer using Linux OS.


You could contain items like apt commands that further makes Linux among the most well-known options of the developers.

For example, if you consider the grep command in Linux, it can help search and filter strings easily. Whereas, the closest alternative of this particular command in Windows is findstr.


  1. Software Updates


Linux software upgrades – why linux is much far better than windows


Microsoft pushes a program upgrade when it receives a certain set of issues or if something important has to be repaired. And, for this reason, your system possibly breaks with an upgrade or you wind up waiting for an upgrade to fix your problem for a substantial quantity of time.


I’m sure when you’ve got a Windows-powered platform for quite a while, you might have encountered problems with each upgrade.


But with Linux, you’d observe software upgrades to deal with each tiny bug and many of that is not system-breaking if you are using an LTS edition of a supply.


So, with Linux, you may notice more powerful and quicker updates to correct the issues you may be facing.


Can you think Linux is far better than Windows?


Now you know the benefits of using Linux rather than Windows, what do you believe?


In case you are going to continue using Windows as your main OS, why would you think about picking it on Linux?

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