2017 Gala Committees


Linda Bloch
Marcia Burch
Ilene Cohen
Marcia Godosky
Amy Hughes
Didi Lacher
Lori Lengua
Marsha Pierson
Art Thomson



Chef Lidia Bastianich
Chef Mario Batali
Chef Daniel Boulud
Chef Tom Colicchio
Kerry Diamond
Chef Sara Moulton
Ruth Reichl


Deborah Axelrod, MD
Nancy Bader and Michael Leventhal
Carol M. Beaumier
Stephanie V. Blank, MD and Jay K. Musoff
Linda Bloch and Michael Botwinick
Stephen Nicholas Bunzl and Mrs. Judith B. Bunzl
Angelica Cantlon
Charles and Chris Cheesman
Ilene and Paul Cohen
Jill Davis and Ed Conard
The Durst Organization
Mike and Beth Fascitelli
Marcia and Richard Godosky
Henegan Construction Co., Inc.
Mary Henry and Howie Rubin
David R. Holmes, Jr.
Amy and David Jaffe
Didi Lacher and Charlie Donaldson
Betsy Lambert
Aye Moe Thu Ma, MD
Lori and James Marcus

Musa and Tom Mayer
Anne Moore, MD
Kate and Bob Niehaus
Marc and Alfia Passarelli
Odette and Henrik Petersen
Marsha Pierson
Linda Rogers
Marjorie Schwartz

Ava Seave and Bruce Greenwald
JoAnn and David Small
Joseph M. Sommer
Susan Jaffe Tane
Celeste Thompson
Art Thomson
Dena K. Weiner and David Rozenholc
Alice Yaker and Jerry Goldfeder
Melanie Young and David Ransom


List in formation